Aaron Faulkner Testimonial

The following review comes from an independent game developer, who was creating a small game as part of their degree, whom I worked on music for. The game is still being finished and I am continuing to collaborate with Aaron to this day. 

for contact information regarding Aaron, contact me at: kyleworrallmusic@gmail.com and I will forward you on to him.

"Kyle is a very pro-active composer who was of great service to me and my team during the creation of our video game End Prophecy. He provided a very good selection of music for our game which was up to a fantastic standard and incorporated many different elements into its design which gave it a very professional feel to it and could have easily been used as a soundtrack for a Triple A game.

I highly recommend him as he achieved all that was asked of him and I myself would personally use his services again if required to do so."

- Aaron Faulker