Ben Challis Testimonial

The following is a reference given by one of my former tutors for the purpose of applying for the postgraduate course of my desire. If you would like contact details to verify this information then please contact me at:

"Kyle is a highly committed and motivated individual who has shown real passion for developing a career in game audio. This is an aspect of his studies with us at MMU that has been quite apparent since I arrived here in Dec 2013. In terms of transferable academic skills, Kyle is a good communicator both with written work and oral presentations and is more than able in terms of planning and carrying out research driven projects. Kyle is likely to graduate with a 2:1 classification and will have spent around 50% of his final year developing skills that will assist him with his professional aims. This has included two substantial negotiated projects exploring composition, production and integration of adaptive audio for computer games. He has been developing skills in C# programming to work with Unity whilst also working with the Fmod audio middleware suite as part of the process. With this in mind, Kyle has exhibited an attitude to self-management that is particularly mature and I do not doubt his abilities to take this onto Level 7 academic pursuits. I believe that he is looking to apply for one of several Masters courses at Leeds Beckett that explore music and sound for the moving image and that one or more of these places particular emphasis on interactivity for sound. I believe that you will find Kyle very much suited to any of these angles and that he has a portfolio of work that will demonstrate his skills as a capable and creative composer, performer, technologist. I shouldn’t forget that Kyle is also a very personable and highly reliable individual and it has been a genuine pleasure to supervise him across the past 18 months."

- Dr Ben Challis, Principal Lecturer in BA (Hons) Creative Music Production.