I am a British Composer and Sound Designer for Visual Medias, focusing primarily on adaptive audio for Video Games, who excels at working creatively under technical constraints and to aggressive deadlines. Drawing much of my inspiration from composers such as; Nobuo Uematsu, Jack Wall, Blake Neely and Ramin Djawadi, I have developed a great sense of what style music is needed for a project, while following more academic trends in my sound design work. 

During my time in education I have a collaborated globally on projects with a variety of developers and directors, that required music and sound of varying genres, specifications and technique. I also I also started a small business called White Wolf Productions, of which I am the Co-Founder and Owner. White Wolf Productions is a small independent composition company that is focused on writing music for independent Visual Media projects.

Alongside studying a Creative Music Production degree and working on projects as part of White Wolf Productions, I am also a self taught Pianist, Bass Guitarist, Classical Guitarist and Percussionist. Being a multi-instrumentalist has and does assist in the creation of my pieces, as it backs up my extensive knowledge of DAWs (Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason and Cubase) with realistic programming and real audio samples over the MIDI which I use. 

I also have training in the Audio Middleware programs FMOD and Wwise, for use in implementing my sounds and music into projects, and have worked primarily within the video game engine Unity 3D. This in turn has developed my interest in coding and I am a self described 'budding' Interactive Technologist, I have experience implementing and experimenting with sound using the coding languages C and C# in programs such as; Unity 3D, Xcode, Arduino and Fabric. Playable demos demonstrating this can be found in my portfolio, alongside pictures of a home-made sample playback system. 

I recently completed my BA (Hons) in Creative Music Production at Manchester Metropolitan University, focused on Interactive Video Game Music, Audio Programming and Composition for Visual Media. From this I have continued to build upon my skills in the world of Music and Sounds for Visual Media, while looking to continue my studies at a Postgraduate Level.