Darren Sweeney Testimonial

The following review comes from an independent game developer, with whom working alongside Luke Fox at White Wolf Productions, we produced the Music and Sound Design for a game that ended up released for free, and can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/GravityWars?fref=ts.  

For the contact details of the person quoted below, contact me at: kyleworrallmusic@gmail.com and I will forward you on to them.

The guys at White Wolf Productions have been really helpful in the making of my first ever game Gravity Wars. They offered to help me out and went beyond what I asked for. They went straight into developing music for my game. Experimenting with different tones and pace of music to fit the style and play of my game. They were interested in making good quality music for my game. It wasn't about ego or if you were in a certain area of production of my game you have no right to voice an opinion. That lack of hierarchy or boundaries let me say what I wanted to about the music, what was good and what didn't feel right. As the only one person doing programming and design, they motivated me to getting this game done and seeing it coming along with the music in it was a real boost for me, which I am forever grateful as an aspiring game programmer.

Darren Sweeney, Independent Developer.