Horror Demo Reel

This tracks has been created with the idea in mind of it fitting to the opening Credits of a Psychological Horror show.
It takes influence from the opening track of the series 'American Horror Story' by using warped speech samples, to create atmospheric sound effects throughout the piece.
It also takes influence from Ashfield's End from the Video Game 'Silent Hill 4: The Room' and Promise from the Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack. This is demonstrated in its use of a main melodic piano leitmotif, with supporting timbral synthesizers.
The cellos and violins, rattling guitar pads are used to create further levels of suspense and the Tubular Bells for a sense of Finality.
The image attached is from the Video Game 'Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle Of Flesh', and the rights of it go to the content creator.

Brief Respite
This is a loop that I am created that could be used in a 'Safe Room' in a Survival-Horror Video Game.
This piece is meant to inspire the tension in the player, by using atmospheric sound effects in the background of the piece, as while there is no immediate danger, the game has yet to be completed and there is more trouble ahead.
Image from Resident Evil Remake, for the purpose of representing the image I had in mind.

This piece was created with the purpose of being on my demo reel, written in a style similar to that of Christopher Lennertz' contribution to the soundtrack of the Television show 'Supernatural'. It is entirely synthetic, focusing on combining melodic piano ostinatos, with rock elements (i.e. the percussion and bass)while still including orchestral and timbral elements to create a background for the piece which inspire tension and nervousness. The image uysed for this track is from Google and is not my own.